Student Supervision

Graduated Students (Masters by Research)  1.      Li Dongtao, “Multi-agent development environment (MADE) and its applications”, 2007. Now with CityBank.

2.      Maryam Ashoori, “Intelligent pedagogical agents for personalizing learning objects in educational environments”, 2008.  Now PhD student, University of Waterloo, Canada.

3.      Matthias Chan, “Persuasive motivators in online learning systems”, 2012. Now with MOE.

4.      Han Jin, “Curious pedagogical agents as learning companions in virtual learning environment”, 2012. Now with IT industry USA.

5.      Zheng Yuting, “Living innovation laboratory model design and implementation”, 2015. Now with Baidu China.

Supervised over 50 Masters by Course and Project students in Interactive Digital Media Program.

Graduated Students (Masters by Research Joint with SCI)  1.      Karel Mous, “Evaluating the effectiveness of a mobile learning aid on student learning”, Interactive Digital Media Program, 2014.

2.      Bai Xiaoguang, Computer Science Program, 2014.

3.      Benny Tan, “The perception of youth towards the use of exergames utilizing natural user interface in an intergenerational setting”, Interactive Digital Media Program, 2014.

Graduated PhD Students  1.      Weng Jian Shu, “Building robust trust model for multi-agent systems”, 2003-2007. Currently Consultant, Accenture, Singapore.

2.      Peter Leong Khai Weng, “An agent based approach towards autonomic services”, 2004-2008. Currently Faculty Member, Singapore Polytechnic.

3.      Song Hengjie, “Learning algorithms in fuzzy cognitive maps”, 2005-2009. Currently Full Professor, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou.

4.      Dong Huang, “Resource allocation in multiuser OFDM based cognitive radio systems”, 2006-2010. Currently with I2R, Singapore.

5.      Cai Yundong, “Agent mediated interactive storytelling”, 2005-2010. Currently Manager, e-Book, Popular, Singapore.

6.      Zhao Yizhi, “Adaptive Mac protocols for wireless sensor networks”, 2006-2011, ASTAR Scholar. Currently with SIMTech.

7.      Zhong Haoming, “Temporal fuzzy cognitive maps for corporate credit ratings ”, 2006-2012. Currently with Moody Analytics.

8.      Borjigin Ailiya, “Affective teachable agent in virtual learning environment”, 2008-2013. Currently with NTU.

9.      Yu Han, “Situation-aware trust management in multi-agent systems”, 2008-2013, SMF Scholar. Currently Lee Kuan Yew Postdoctoral Fellow at NTU.

10.      Han Xiaogang, “Remembrance agent : from theory to applications”, 2009-2013. Currently Senior Research Software Engineer with Visense.

11.      Wu Qiong, “Modeling curiosity for intelligent agents”, 2010-2014. Currently with NTU.

12.      Lin Jun, “Human factors in agile software development”, 2010-2014. Currently with NTU.

13.      Liu Yong, “Personalized and adaptive recommendation”, 2011-2015. Currently with I2R.

14.      Cheng Peng, “Initial value problem of discrete geodesics and it applications”, 2010-2015. Currently with NTU.

15.      Li Shao Hua, “Unsupervised Bayesian Generative Methods”, 2010-2016. Currently with NUS.

16.      Lim Su Fang, “Persuasive Teachable Agent for Intergenerational Learning”, 2011-2016. Currently with NTU.

17.      Hao Shuji, “Budget efficient online active learning and its applications”, 2012-2017. Currently with A*STAR.

PhD Students with Completed Thesis 1.      Matthias Chan Yong Shun, “HCI Data-Driven Feedback in Interactive Learning Environment”, 2013-2017. Currently with MOE.
Current PhD Students  1.      Michal Akira Mukawa, since 2012, Co-Supervisor.

2.      Hou Jinghua, since 2013, Co-Supervisor

3.      Wang Wei, since 2014, Main Supervisor.

4.      Guo Qingyu, since 2014, Co-Supervisor

5.      Pan Zhengxiang, since 2015, Main Supervisor.

6.      Qian Hangwei, since 2015, Co-Supervisor

7.      Zhang Hao, since 2015, Co-Supervisor

8.      Zeng Zhiwei, since 2016, Main Supervisor.

9.      He Chaoyue, since 2017, Main Supervisor.

10.      Zhong Peixiang, since 2017, Main Supervisor.

Current MEng Students 1.      Chan Chung Leung, since 2015.
Co-Supervised Graduate Students (Simon Fraser University) 1.      Ian Tianyi Li, MSc. Co-supervisor, “Web-Document Prediction and Presending Using Association Rule Sequential Classifiers”, 2001.

2.      Haijing Fang, MSc. Co-supervisor, “Querying the Web Through XML-HTML Conversion in Restricted Domains”, 2001.

Co-Supervised Graduate Students (The University of British Columbia) 1.     Yuemeng Liang, MASc thesis co-supervisor, “Automatic Sleep Arousal Detection based on C-ELM and MRMR feature selection”, 2015.

2.      Kuan Long Leong, MASc thesis co-supervisor, “Detecting Anomalies in Activity Patterns of Lone Occupants from Electricity Consumption Data”, 2016.

Undergraduate Student Supervision


Since Jan. 2003, I have supervised over 100 FYP reports. I have received several awards for serving as a coach for Final Year Project (FYP) students in technology exhibitions and competitions. I have supervised over 100 Industry Attachment (IA) students in leading software companies including Microsoft, Oracle, City Group, etc.