Teaching Awards

  1.      Koh Boon Hwee Inspirational Mentorship Recognition Awards (2), 2015.2.      MOE Education Research Grant Award in “Virtual World Based Educational Data Mining for Assessing Students’ Learning Skills in 21 Century”.

3.             Most Popular Lecturer (SCE), 2010.

4.      Teaching Excellence Fund from Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore for support of a project entitled “Interactive Learning and Teaching with New Media for Higher Education”, MOE, 2010.

5.      CoE Exhibition Week Gold Prize for Undergraduate Project, 2010.

6.      Four NRF MOE IDM educational research grants total over 5 Million for R&D for AI empowered future learning environments in MOE future schools in Singapore, NRF-MOE-IDM, 2008-2012.

Course Development    

SCE Software Engineering Subject Area Group (SAG) Lead   Since 2010, I have been the Lead of the Software Engineering Subject Area Group (SAG) tasked with revamping SCE’s Computer Science and Computer Engineering programs. I have led the design of 7 new courses for the new Computer Science Curriculum. As the Lead of the software engineering SAG, my role included defining aims, intended learning outcomes, syllabus, learning and teaching methods, assessment, as well as coordinating with other members and group leaders.
Curriculum Design in New Graduate Programs I was a key contributor to the curriculum design for the Information Systems Program jointly offered by SCE and SCI at NTU and the Master of Digital Media and Game Design Program jointly offered by UBC, SFU and EA.

Pedagogical Innovations and Novel Use of Technology


In my teaching, I have introduced various pedagogical innovations in student centric learning and experiential education, a philosophy and methodology in which educators purposefully engage learners in direct experience and focus on reflection in order to enhance their in-depth understanding of important concepts, develop skills and clarify values. For example, in teaching CSC313 – Programming Languages, I designed a team based learning environment and encouraged students to invent a new programming language to enrich their learning experience.I was awarded a $258K Teaching Excellence Fund grant from the Ministry of Education, Singapore to support the design of “Interactive Learning and Teaching Environment with New Media for Higher Education”. I have explored various innovative uses of technologies, e.g. game based learning in promoting interactive and collaborative learning.

I have designed and developed traditional online as well as micro online course materials and used blended learning in large undergraduate classes.

New Courses Development

2004-2005  SC453/CSC426 – Software Testing (new 4th year Computer Science course at NTU)
2006-2007  CSC303 – Software Engineering II (new 3rd year core Computer Science course at NTU)
2007-2008         MDM520 – Building Virtual Worlds (new Graduate Course at SFU & UBC)

CI 6223 – Interactive Media Development (new Graduate Course at SCI & SCE NTU)

2009-2010           CZ 3002 – Software Systems Analysis and Design
2012-2013           CZ 3003 – Advanced Software Engineering
  My role in the above courses included: Curriculum design & development of lectures, tutorials, and laboratory manuals. Preparation of project management tools, software development and testing environments. Development of interactive multimedia e-learning materials.

Courses Taught

At Nanyang Technological University CSC303 – Software Engineering II (3rd year core course, size 150+)CSC453 – Software Testing (4th year Elective course, size 100+)

CSC313 – Programming Language (3rd year core course, size 150+)

CPE 207 – Software Engineering   (2nd year core course, size 100+)

CPE 204 – Software Systems and Models  (2nd year core course, size      100+)

CZ2004 – Human Computer Interaction (1st & 2nd year core course, size 150-300+)

CZ3002 – Software Analysis and Design (3rd year core course, 150+)

CZ2007 – Software Engineering (2nd year core course, size 150+)

CSC108 – Data Structure and Programming (1st year core course, 100+)

CI 6223 – Interactive Media Development (Joint SCE/SCI Graduate course, size 60+)

At Simon Fraser University  CMPT 275 – Software Engineering (2nd year core course, 75+)CMPT 475 – Software Engineering II (4th year core course, 75+)

CMPT 370 – Web Information Systems (3rd year core course, 60+)