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Crowd Computing for Population Aging Challenges

Authors: H. Yu, Z. Pan, C. Miao, and C. Leung
Title: Crowd Computing for Population Aging Challenges
Abstract: Today, major population centres in the world (e.g., U.S., China, and Japan) are experiencing population aging. The number of senior citizens aged 65 and above will equate those below the age of 15. Technological innovations are needed in order to mitigate the emotional, cognitive, and socio-economic challenges of population aging. As the current generation of seniors demonstrate relative good health and willingness to contribute to productive aging activities after retirement, the prevailing perception which used to regard seniors as being similar to the handicapped has changed. Such a change in perception has initiated a change in the gerontechnologies landscape from one primarily focused on assistive technologies towards one encompassing more diverse aspects of wellbeing. Over the years, the research community has made progress in many areas of crowd computing including affective computing, cognitive agents, and crowdsourcing. However, little effort has been directed at enabling these agents to serve the elderly. As seniors’ characteristics and needs can be very different from the young, many existing agent techniques must be adapted in light of gerontology research results in order to be re-contexted for the elderly. In this paper, we highlight the challenges and opportunities for crowd computing research to contribute to addressing population aging challenges. We will discuss a number of areas where significant innovations can emerge by combining crowd computing with gerontology research, and ways for the research community to organize its resources to help societies adjust to population aging.
Keywords: Population aging; Crowdsourcing
Conference Name: 1st International Conference on Crowd Science and Engineering (ICCSE'16)
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Year: 2016
Accepted PDF File: Crowd_Computing_for_Population_Aging_Challenges_accepted.pdf
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Reference: H. Yu, Z. Pan, C. Miao, and C. Leung, “Crowd computing for population aging challenges,” in Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Crowd Science and Engineering (ICCSE’16), July 2016.
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