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An Interactive 3D Product Design Tool for Mobile Pre-commerce Environments

Authors: P. Cheng, H. Yu, Z. Shen, and Z. Liu
Title: An Interactive 3D Product Design Tool for Mobile Pre-commerce Environments
Abstract: Today more and more products and services are being bought and sold over electronic commerce (e-commerce) systems. However, the majority of time spent online by e-commerce users is used for searching for information and making decisions with regard to the products of interest. Pre-commerce services help a customer from the very beginning of his interaction with an e-commerce system with the objective of eventually leading to a transaction. Such a service usually keeps interacting with customers until a personalized purchasing plan has been worked out. In this paper, we propose an interactive 3D product design system to enhance the user’s pre-commerce experience. In the proposed system, interaction with customers may take place at different stages of a transaction independently. Before a transaction, possible products details will be presented to customers for their consideration. After that, our interactive design module visualizes customer’s requirements in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) way so that the customers can spell out their requirements in greater detail than existing systems. After the transaction, feedbacks from customers and suppliers are recorded online. Products can be customized in detail by customers through the novel 3D drawing tool provided by the system interactively and in real-time. In such a pre-commerce platform, customers can participate in various facets of a transaction in more meaningful and empowering ways.
Keywords: Painting on surface; Pre-commerce; Interactive product design
Journal Name: International Journal of Information Technology, vol. 18, no. 2
Publisher: Singapore Computer Society
Year: 2012
Accepted PDF File: An_Interactive_3D_Product_Design_Tool_for_Mobile_Pre-commerce_Environments_accepted.pdf
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Reference: P. Cheng, H. Yu, Z. Shen, and Z. Liu, “An interactive 3D product design tool for mobile pre-commerce environments,” International Journal of Information Technology, vol. 18, no. 2, pp. 1–9, 2012.
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