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Balancing Quality and Budget Considerations in Mobile Crowdsourcing

Authors: C. Miao, H. Yu, Z. Shen, and C. Leung
Title: Balancing Quality and Budget Considerations in Mobile Crowdsourcing
Abstract: Mobile/spatial crowdsourcing is a class of crowdsourcing applications in which workers travel to specific locations in order to perform tasks. As workers may possess different levels of competence, a major research challenge for spatial crowdsourcing is to control the quality of the results obtained. Although existing mobile crowdsourcing systems are able to track a wide range of performance related data for the participating workers, there still lacks an automated mechanism to help requesters make key task allocation decisions including: 1) to whom should a task to allocated; 2) how much to pay for the result provided by each worker; and 3) when to stop looking for additional workers for a task. In this paper, we propose a budget-aware task allocation approach for spatial crowdsourcing (Budget-TASC ) to help requesters make these three decisions jointly. It considers the workers’ reputation and proximity to the task locations to maximize the expected quality of the results while staying within a limited budget. Furthermore, it supports payments to workers based on how their track records. Extensive experimental evaluations based on a large-scale real-world dataset demonstrate that Budget-TASC outperforms the state-of-the-art significantly in terms of reduction in the average error rate and savings on the budget.
Keywords: Budget allocation; Reputation; Trust; Mobile crowdsourcing; Crowdsensing
Journal Name: Decision Support Systems, vol. 90
Publisher: Elsevier
Year: 2016
Accepted PDF File: Balancing_Quality_and_Budget_Considerations_in_Mobile_Crowdsourcing_accepted.pdf
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Reference: C. Miao, H. Yu, Z. Shen, and C. Leung, “Balancing quality and budget considerations in mobile crowdsourcing,” Decision Support Systems, vol. 90, pp. 56–64, October 2016.
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