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Blockchain and IoT based Food Traceability System

Authors: J. Lin, Z. Shen, A. Zhang, and Y. Chai
Title: Blockchain and IoT based Food Traceability System
Abstract: Food safety is becoming an increasingly serious topic worldwide. To tackle food safety issues from a technical perspective, people need a trusted food traceability system that can track and monitor the whole lifecycle of food production, including the processes of food raw material cultivation/breeding, processing, transporting, warehousing, selling, etc. In this paper we propose a trusted, self-organized, open and ecological food traceability system based on blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, which involves all parties of a smart agriculture ecosystem, even if they may not trust each other. We use IoT devices to replace manual recording and verification as much as possible, which can reduce human intervention in the system. Furthermore, we plan to use the smart contract technology to help law enforcement find problems and process them in a timely manner.
Keywords: Blockchain Internet of Things; LPWAN; Food Traceability
Journal Name: International Journal of Information Technology
Publisher: Singapore Computer Society
Year: 2018
Accepted PDF File: Blockchain_and_IoT_based_Food_Traceability_System_accepted.pdf
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Reference: J. Lin, Z. Shen, A. Zhang, and Y. Chai, "Blockchain and IoT based Food Traceability System," International Journal of Information Technology, vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 42-59, July 2018.
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