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SilverWisdom: Towards a Knowledge Base for Elderly People

Authors: X. Cheng, Z. Niu, and B. He
Title: SilverWisdom: Towards a Knowledge Base for Elderly People
Abstract: Active aging has become a hot research topic for both academia and industry. A lot of initiatives have been set up and delivered fruitful results and applications towards this emerging research area. As the society and population develops, many elderly people have high education background and knowledge, which enable various opportunities in knowledge sharing and learning, and even creating new knowledge. Relatively little attention has been paid to knowledge management for elderly people. In this position paper, we present a system named SilverWisdom towards a comprehensive knowledge base for elderly people. SilverWisdom manages the entire life cycle of knowledge, and fosters an infrastructure for multi-disciplinary research. Particularly, we present the system architecture of SilverWisdom and outline the open research problems. We believe that the success of SilverWisdom empowers active aging with knowledge and makes elderly people feel more fulfilled and socialized.
Keywords: Knowledge base; Elderly people; Active aging
Journal Name: International Journal of Information Technology, vol. 19, no. 2
Publisher: Singapore Computer Society
Year: 2013
Accepted PDF File: SilverWisdom_Towards_a_Knowledge_Base_for_Elderly_People_accepted.pdf
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Reference: X. Cheng, Z. Niu, and B. He, “SilverWisdom: Towards a knowledge base for elderly people,” International Journal of Information Technology, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 1–14, 2013.
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