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Currently, smart home research is mainly focused on automating home functions to enhance convenience and the creature comforts of the residents. However, in order to gain the end users’ trust, a delicate balance between user control and smart enabling technologies is needed. For the elderly living on their own at home, loneliness is often a serious problem. There is currently a lack of innovative smart home designs which adopt appropriate technologies to meet the elderly residents’ higher level socio-emotional needs such as companionship and socialization. In this project, we propose a set of technological extensions to an elderly person’s home environment to offer tender care. Our framework consists of the following extensions:

Communications extension:
Making the home a portal for the elderly to access desired information in a simple, user-friendly way.

Physical extension:
Enabling the elderly with limited mobility to participate in interactive and engaging physical exercise at home.

Space extension:
Connecting the elderly with loved ones in a natural and affordable manner even when they are physically far apart.

Service extension:
Bringing trustworthy real world and virtual services to the elderly in a simple, easy-to-use fashion.

Social extension:
Providing the elderly with suggestions about suitable real-world social activities in an unobtrusive way, based on location, context and social signal information.

Emotional extension:
Offering the elderly personalized and around the clock caring virtual companionship.

Integrated Healthcare extension:
Monitoring changes in the elderly’s physical and emotional conditions and offering prompt electronic or in-person healthcare services.