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This project is motivated by a key healthcare issue facing the world: with an increasingly older population, how can the elderly enjoy independent living for as long as possible, before they need to move to a care home with costly round-the-clock care?

One way to address this problem is through the use of silver games. An age-friendly silver game can be viewed as a combination of age-friendly human factors design techniques and computational intelligence technologies presented in the form of a game designed for physical and cognitive exercises. LILY designed games will incorporate:

  • Long term real-time analysis of user performance in silver games for preventive intervention . Point-of-care or home-based assessment of motor and cognitive skills for early detection of deficiencies so that timely interventions can be started;
  • Intelligent personalization of the physical and cognitive game exercises to suit the therapeutic and needs of elderly individuals with different physical and cognitive conditions for therapy and rehabilitation purposes.

To achieve these goals, this project brings together a multidisciplinary team with expertise in social signal processing, machine learning, human factors design, mixed-reality technology, motor control, clinical neurology, and cognitive neuroscience. With this breadth of expertise, we will conduct design based research in close collaboration with medical professionals to develop a practical framework for intelligent adaptive silver games as well as a range of silver game prototypes over the next five years.