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To-day, an increasing number of elderly people are able to enjoy good health after the normal retirement age. They are not only attracted to leisure activities but also want to live with pride and dignity. Many find personal fulfilment in on-going contributions to society. And indeed, governments around the world are starting to realize that the elderly population is a pool of great wisdom, experience and skills that has traditionally been overlooked. For example, in Australia, the economic value of the elderly talent pool is estimated at $10.8 billion per annum. However, it is often difficult for the elderly to determine where their knowledge, skills and experience would be most valued.

In this project, we investigate the use of cloud computing and intelligent agent technologies in conjunction with crowd-sourcing interaction models to create a powerful platform for enabling motivated retired seniors to continue contributing to the social and economic development of their communities. Not only would this platform assist seniors lead a fulfiling life, but national economies may also benefit from this large untapped talent pool.